Over the past 6 months we have been introducing our clients to the concept of Business Engineering. While the term is typically not recognised at first, the concept is a familiar one, albeit not something that is practiced or considered regularly.

At its core, Business Engineering focuses on challenges arising from the transformation of the industrial society into an information society, which is the digitization of enterprises, economy, administration and society.

Business Engineering applies principles from a broad range of disciplines to practical business problems; ensuring all functions, capabilities, domains and dimensions are considered and appropriately integrated to provide a ‘fit for purpose’ and sustainable outcome.

An important contributor to the emergence of Business Engineering as a discipline is the emergence of Cloud Infrastructure and Data Analytics technologies. Together, these technologies create rich landscapes of information that can be tapped to drive key decision-making.

Advice in the Business Engineering context is a natural extension to the work we currently do with our clients, and focuses on using data to drive key changes to business strategy.