Welcome to 2019

Happy New Year from Wiseworking, 2019 will be a big year for us all!


We’re proud to announce the release of the most powerful DefectID ever. On top of an upgraded and more powerful interface and database you can now choose to add modules that cover Quality Assurance (with customisable checklists), Progress Monitoring and a complete […]

Are you getting good value?

We’re now a month from Christmas…scary thought isn’t it? I’m sure a lot of you are thinking about what presents you’ll be buying or getting. Lets have a quick think about buying not on price but on value. Often the cheapest presents end up costing you more because they either break quickly or they are not […]


Easy to use is one of our core values. Always online and always available.

The Wiseworker O&M is easy to populate, manage and report from; it is constantly available through a web portal interface, during construction and post construction. Being Web Based it allows true project collaboration. The easy to navigate interface standardises the O&M experience […]

Business Engineering

Over the past 6 months we have been introducing our clients to the concept of Business Engineering. While the term is typically not recognised at first, the concept is a familiar one, albeit not something that is practiced or considered regularly.

At its core, Business Engineering focuses on challenges arising from the transformation of the […]

The Technology Revolution

With more and more users on site using smartphone and tablet technology; gone are the days where information on site is not easy to obtain. The installation of faxes and delivery of ‘snail mail’ (traditional post) of drawings, documents and correspondences have also dropped significantly. However it is still common practice to check contracts, […]

How focussing on efficiency helps your business

As you’re most likely aware the current business environment is a challenging one – in general the cost of doing business seems to be increasing (wages are increasing, regulatory paperwork is increasing) and it is increasingly harder to win work (tender pricing is becoming more and more competitive whilst expectations are continuously increasing). It is […]

Cost Reduction

It is well established that a collective interest is present to reduce the cost of defect reports on projects. This desire is shared by most members of a project from site level, building management and architects/ consultants. Efficiencies are gained by companies using systems that include all
stakeholders. Some of the […]