As you’re most likely aware the current business environment is a challenging one – in general the cost of doing business seems to be increasing (wages are increasing, regulatory paperwork is increasing) and it is increasingly harder to win work (tender pricing is becoming more and more competitive whilst expectations are continuously increasing). It is now that ever more that solutions which increase efficiency can make a real difference to the success of your business.

Imagine how saving 5-10% of time on a regular activity can change your business. Whilst it doesn’t sound like much if you apply this philosophy to a number of activities (quality assurance, defect management, OH&S Safety walks, toolbox talks, inductions: the list goes on and on) over the lifetime of a construction project you are now talking about major savings in time and increases in quality.

Here are some benefits our clients have realised using our solutions:

  • Labour Costs are Reduced: staff are more productive and spending less time on administrative tasks and more time on relevant (revenue producing) work
  • Users are able to do more on site that they would have done previously (in the past they would have travel to the site office)
  • Tasks are easier for users and they become common practice. These new practices improve quality as processes are adopted throughout the company.
  • Recruitment and training costs fall as you don’t need to hire additional staff as these functions are taken care of in our software solutions
  • Standardisation of process, and common standards of quality can be utilised easily across projects and the company
  • Increased regulatory and quality assurance / reporting commitments are addressed and managed easily
    Repetition of tasks and common mistakes are not only time consuming to rectify on a project but there is also the added risk that this issue will raise itself on other projects unless there is a global (system) awareness of this potential issue

The bottom line: Reduced running costs by focussing on efficiency throughout your business will help make your tenders more competitive. What are the business processes you have at the moment – and are there ways they can be made more efficient?