Easy to use is one of our core values. Always online and always available.

The Wiseworker O&M is easy to populate, manage and report from; it is constantly available through a web portal interface, during construction and post construction. Being Web Based it allows true project collaboration. The easy to navigate interface standardises the O&M experience from user to user and replaces the usage of out-dated generic hard copies. The cost effective Wiseworker solution will reduce administrative overhead (saving significant time and cost) and at the same time encouraging usage (through the simple to use design).

A simple, intuitive navigation flow allows for rapid access and information retrieval. Online document preview, upload and editing is fast, efficient, and bulk upload functions help improve productivity. You can easily download information for offline review if required.

Progress can be tracked via transparent reporting to reduce the risk of delays at handover. Selectable Australian Standards for Maintenance Scheduling are provided or customise your own where required. Online tools allow reviewers to approve, reject or request content updates via customisable workflows and notifications.

The Wiseworker O&M solution is customisable to suit your project.

Integrate with other Wiseworking modules to maximise productivity.