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Wiseworking is proudly 100% Australian owned and based.

Our suite of products covers the lifecycle of a building, from design and delivery through to maintenance.

Our solutions deliver increased productivity, reduced costs and improved quality and safety processes for our clients.

The key mantra for our products is to enable you to ‘work wiser, not harder’, by utilising technology to reduce effort spent on administrative tasks.

Our founding roots are in the construction industry so we know how it works and what solutions and functions will deliver you real, quantifiable benefits.

How We Can Help

Current software packages have a “one shoe fits all” approach and do not provide you with an all-encompassing solution that continually evolves and grows with your business.

Now you might be thinking a custom solution = expensive.

However, this is not the case.

From Site safety inductions through to Operating and Maintenance Manuals, we are here to help you create, store, report and manage this documentation in a centralised location from Project Concept through to Completion.

By adopting cloud based technology and leveraging mobile accessibility, we are able to work with you to implement a solution which reduces your upfront expenditure and reduces operating costs over time.

Consider us your IT partner, no need to build a costly team to continually update and maintain your system.



The ultimate Construction Communication tool, ensuring all
stakeholder correspondence is tracked and recorded in a central location.


Easy to navigate, standardised electronic Operational & Maintenance Manuals


The complete Construction Management Software Solution to ensure projects are delivered on time, within budget and of the highest quality.


A fast and simple to use Defect Management System that allows you to Report, Rectify and Check all construction related defects and keep trades accountable for quality workmanship.


IssuesID is a complete Facilities Management Reporting solution that administers issues arising after construction has been completed and the building is occupied.


Manage your OHS processes and documentation with our solution that ensures best practices are followed on site and helps achieve and maintain your AS 4801 certification.


Free Training comes included with all of our products.

The old fashioned kind, taught face to face by real people, no self guided online tutorials here.

Our expert staff will teach your teams the fastest way to use our products to ensure you save time, reduce costs and improve productivity.

24 Hour Support

Contact our office to speak to one of our locally based team members.

They will keep you up and running.

Why Ignoring Quality Will Cost You Time and Money…

Through working with our clients, we understand why a streamlined quality management system is so important.

On average, projects with a value of $10M report around 2,500 defects.

Capturing of these defects manually is costing companies around $20 per defect* which can cost you over $25,000 per project in administration alone (on average a medium to large commercial project has 1250 defects). Worryingly, this is before any rectification costs are taken into account.

*This is an average cost per defect based on information gathered by Wiseworking and allows for admin and site personnel costs.

By catching defects early and making trades accountable for quality, you will dramatically reduce costs and increase quality.

The way we see it, you have three options…

Ignore Quality and Defects

No Process and Accountability
Admin Cost: ???
Quality: Unknown/Low
Poor reputation in the market

Manual Defect Inspections

Good Process and Accountability
Admin Cost: $20 per defect to capture
Medium level of Quality
Good reputation in the market

Wiseworking Defect Management

Great Process, Accountability and Monitoring
Admin Cost: As low as $2 per defect to capture
High Level Quality
Great Reputation in the market, Save Time and Money

Speak to us today about our tailor made solutions…

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We stick by our clients…

By working closely to put the correct systems in place and lay a solid foundation for growth, we have helped one of clients grow from approx. $30M annual turnover to around $250M annual turnover.

In addition we have helped them expand their operations nationally. By using our solutions we have helped keep costs low during their exponential growth. We can provide more than just software – we can help your business manage costs so that you can grow.

We want to share your companies vision and support you to achieve your goals.

We love our clients and they love us

Our users were convinced that using ‘what worked’ and ‘what they were used to’ was much quicker and that a pen and paper were a much quicker way to capture defects. When they used DefectID they were amazed at the time it saved them and how user friendly it was. As soon as they got hold of DefectID they were using it constantly to capture defect lists the change in perception from ‘I’m not going to use it: what is the point?’ to being a tool they can’t live without is amazing.
Satisfied Customer, Australian Building Company
We engaged Wiseworking to guide and advise us when encountered some serious challenges with our existing IT, mobile and telecommunications. Being a construction company we saw value in focusing on what we do best ‘Build’ and Wiseworking’s experience in the construction meant they understood our industry and as a result we now have a IT platform that not only supports our business but most importantly provides real benefit to our workforce in helping them get the job done every day.
CFO, Major Melbourne Commercial Construction Firm
DefectID allowed our company to quickly get a detailed picture of how every project was performing within the company. The ability to get an instant picture of the building and quality issues but also highlight the main subcontract and trade issues on a project and company level is an incredibly powerful tool for us as a business.We can produce reports and lists of inspections (defect, incomplete works etc), can filter any way we like (by floor or subcontractor), we can even produce reports telling us which trades have backcharges and variations associated with them at ease for every project we have without having to get the project to produce an Excel spreadsheet at the press of a button: this solution has made managing quality easy!
Commercial Manager, Major Australian Commercial Construction Firm




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